Winners of the Moonbug Winter Story Competition…

Some days are good days (ice-cream-eating trampoline-bouncing days) while other days are bad days (dentist-going homework-slogging days). And then there are the extra cool AMAZING days where you find Moontrugs across the world writing stories so brilliant you want to stand up and clap after the first sentence. Well, that’s what happened when Moontrug judged the entries for the Moonbug Winter Story Competition. The brief was simple: write a story about the Magical Stone Circle in Castlerigg, Cumbria (yes, such a place does exist) – but the stories that came Moontrug’s way were so brilliantly mystical that Moontrug spent many hours clapping.

Magical Circle
A huge congratulations goes to joint winners Ginny Bell (9 years old), all the way from Singapore, and Annika Arora (9 years old), from London town – keep an eye on the post for your Waterstone’s gift voucher prizes! And watch out J.K. Rowling, you’ve got competition on your hands with these two. Annika’s wonderful story was posted up on Moontrug recently (on account of her fabulous Agent duties: click here) so without further ado, here is Ginny’s story. And for more exciting competitions, check out Moontrug’s latest round up.

The Mini Violin
by Ginny Bell


Emma Brown was the most ordinary girl you can imagine. She had straight mousy brown hair which was cut into a short bob.


“Emma, it’s time to go to the magical stone circle!” Emma’s Mum shouted up the stairs. Emma, who was not even in her pyjamas hurriedly got changed and ran downstairs as fast as she could!


“There you are, we were going to leave without you,” Emma’s Dad teased as Emma reached the bottom of the stairs; she had rushed down the stairs and was now panting!


When they reached the magical stone circle Emma was a bit scared at first and a weird feeling of dizziness came over her but she ignored it. Emma’s parents needed some “adult time” so they sent Emma exploring by herself and as she was trudging in the snow she heard a noise…


“Tap, tap, tap…” Now she was certain it was coming from the rocks. “Tap, tap, tap…” She was sure it came from the rock closest to her. ‘Tap, tap tap…” It was coming from a hole in the rock. ‘Tap, tap – ’ and there it was!


Was IT an it or was IT a she? Emma wasn’t quite sure but whatever it was it was trapped! Now Emma looked closer she could see it was a girl. She had long, flowing, golden hair with glimmering green eyes. She also had a pink beanie cap on and a purple fur coat; which was perfectly suited to the weather. The only strange thing about her was the fact that she was seven inches tall! More importantly the hole which she was trapped in was all frozen up!


Emma tried many ways to break through the ice but she just couldn’t! All of a sudden she felt something in the back of her pocket. Once she got it out and got all the bits of fluff off she realised it was a tiny violin! Since she could play she played: ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas” and as she did the ice slowly melted away…


“Emma where are you?” her parents shouted.


“Thank you for saving me but you should go and find your parents, they are looking for you,” the small girl whispered.


“Ok,” Emma whispered back and the small girl ran off, never to be seen again however, Emma was never quite so ordinary again…


Before I finish this story I am glad to tell you that Emma still has the violin and it is still in great condition; it is now her favourite possession.