Petr Horacek talks sledging at midnight & marshmallow moons

Following her literary rap battle with author Rachel Hamilton, Moontrug is now super excited to be talking munching moons with best-selling author of the adorable picture book, The Mouse Who Ate The Moon, Petr Horacek. Having decided a literary rap battle would be a bit too full on for a book about a little mouse, Moontrug thought she’d orbit her way through some moon-based questions with Horacek instead…

urlLittle Mouse dreams of having a piece of the moon for herself. If you could have one magical wish come true, what would it be?


Thinking about answering this question could keep me busy for hours. It’s raining outside, so as I sit in my armchair I close my eyes and I’m dreaming… I have so many wishes and so many ideas. Half an hour later and I still can’t choose just one wish I would have. I think…. being able to fly. Yes, that’s the one. I would like to be able to fly.


I'm flying


Little Mouse’s story takes place on a starlit, moon-filled night. Do you have a memory of a night like that?


Oh, I love full moons! The best full moons are in the mountains, when the moonlight reflects on the sparkly snow. Everything is blue. Sledging at midnight. I also used to sleep in the summer under the open sky looking at the moon. I sometimes go for moonwalks with friends.

11.. 2

If you could have a little nibble of the moon, what do you imagine it would taste like?


It would definitely taste like a marshmallow. Even the colour and texture is right.


Apparently the tallest mountain on the moon is called Mons Huygens. If Little Mouse, Mole and Rabbit were to have a race up Mons Huygens, who would win and why?


Little Mouse would win. Rabbits never run straight. They always run zig-zag and they sit and run and sit again. Mole doesn’t run. He knows better. He can’t be bothered. Mouse would win, because she would run straight to the top. No messing around. She is determined.


Little Mouse does her moon-gazing in stripy orange and yellow socks. Did you have a favourite pair of pyjamas as a child? (Moontrug did – they were navy blue scattered with bright yellow stars and her teddy wore matching ones…)


I actually never had favourite pyjamas. Pyjamas don’t last long on me. They always loose buttons and they get torn. Who knows what I’m doing when I sleep. In bed I wear a t-shirt embroidered with a picture of Suzy Goose. It’s a hand made Christmas present by my daughter Cecilia. I have another one with Puffin Peter.


The Mouse Who Ate The Moon is a gorgeous peep-through picture book with each page drawing you further and further into Little Mouse’s world of wonder…

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