Winner of Moontrug’s Footprint Story-Writing Competition!

Moontrug is pleased to announce the WINNER of the latest story-writing competition. We had loads of fantastic entries for the ‘Footprint Competition’ (entrants had to write a story that in some way included footprints) but 11-year-old Lili Stanley’s Lonely No More, about a lonely ogre conducting midnight cat robberies, was the stand out winner! Here’s Lili’s wonderful story – and keep an eye out for the latest competitions on Moontrug (we’ve got signed copies of Allan Borough’s Ironheart to give away AND copies of Pamela Butchart’s hilarious The Spy Who Loved School Dinners!).

Lonely No More
by Lili Stanley (aged 11)

The ogre trudged along the sandy beach. He was coming out for his midnight walk: a midnight robbery. His feet were as big as dustbins lying down flat, making trenches in the sand. Children would be running along this beach in the morning, wondering what made these holes. But not now. No, the children were all tucked up in bed, feeling safe under the covers. They would be here soon. He had to hurry, if he was caught he would be put in a zoo, and people would pass, staring. Children would push their noses up against the glass, staring at this big ogre. It would also mean people would know ogres existed; they would be hunted down and trapped – and taken to zoos. They would become extinct, he would never see another ogre again. Not that he knew of any in that area. He couldn’t actually recall the last time he had seen another ogre. But being in a zoo. He shivered. No, that would not do, that would not do at all. He could not be seen. He quickened his step.
The ogre’s name was Jonny. I know what youre thinking, “Jonny doesn’t sound very scary.” Well thats because he’s not. Even though people think ogres are scary, a lot of them are a bit wet. (If you dont know what that means, it means they are a bit soft and get scared easily.)
Jonny loved cats. And he stole them every night, from unsuspecting houses. He took them back to his cave and played with them. You see, he was the only ogre around. He had no friends or family that he knew of. He was lonely. Very lonely. All he ever wanted was a friend, but humans would put him in a zoo, so no, he had to stay hidden.
Jonny knew no one was awake at this hour, he knew they would all be asleep. But this night one little boy looked out of his window. He had not been able to sleep. A great shape moved past his window. And carried on down the road.
The boy’s mouth hung wide open. He had read in stories about ogres but never thought it to be true. The boy went over to his drawers and got out a torch, he crept down stairs and through the front door and into the night.
Jonny put his hand into a house he took out the little cat and started to head home. Across the sandy beach and back to his cave.
The boy followed Jonny. He had to run to keep up with the ogre. It was a big effort. Soon they arrived. There was a massive rock in front of Jonny’s cave. For Jonny it was just like a step that you have on stairs. But for the boy it was a lot harder. He scrambled up the rock and finally he was at the top. There was a curtain and the boy pushed it across. A sea of cats surrounded him. A cat came over to him.
Hello little cat.” He smiled. Oops. Jonny looked round.
Who are you?” Jonny boomed.
I….I…I’m George. I didnt mean any harm.” He stuttered.
Is there anyone else with you?” Jonny asked. George shook his head. “Well then, that is Mable you are stroking. I got her two months back.” Jonny smiled. “Would you like some cake?”
The sun rose. And George’s parents soon noticed he was missing. And they called the police. But George knew his mum and dad would be worrying, so he said good bye to Jonny and set off back home.
George climbed in through his window and went down stairs pretending he had never left. But of course he saw the police downstairs and knew he would not be able to keep his story up.
George! Where were you?” George’s mum cried.
I was….just…um…”
George, have you been anywhere near the beach? Only there are some footprints in the sand and we think it’s connected to the cats that have gone missing, or as we think stolen!”
Jonny!” George exclaimed. He rushed out. George ran along the sand, he could not let the police catch Jonny. He climbed up the rock and into Jonny’s cave.
Oh hi George. You’re back early. Would you like a cup of tea?”
George bent over panting. “The police, they found your footprints. They’re coming.”
What? Did you tell them about me?” Jonny asked. George shook his head. “We must run.” Jonny picked George up and bolted out the opening of the cave. The police looked up.
George was on Jonny’s shoulder and he whispered in Jonny’s ear “Run”. So Jonny ran, up past the beach and onto the high street, he ran right out of the town and onto the motorway. The police reacted very quickly and were soon racing off after Jonny and George.
What do we do now?” asked George “Hold on tight, I’m going to speed up.” Jonny started to sprint. He ran past a cliff and into a small cave, it was a squeeze but he managed it somehow. Blue and white lights flashed and sirens wailed. Cars wizzed passed.
I think we’ll be safe here.” Jonny pushed back against the wall.
Where can we go? We can’t stay here for long.” George said.
Well, we can go to France? But…..You should go back to your family. It’s not fun being alone.” Jonny sighed a sad sigh.
I won’t be alone. I’ll have you. Anyway I can’t go back there, they found out about you there be too many questions.” George Smiled. “ I’m staying with you.”
When the sun had gone down they set off, walking to Paris in the moonlight. No one ever knew what happened on that day, all except a pair who were never seen again. Jonny stopped stealing cats after that he didnt need to because he had found all the friends and family he needed. George.