Winners of the seas & forests writing competition…

Moontrug had SO many incredible entries to her Shaping Seas & Forests writing competition earlier this Autumn that she had to run it again. And just like last time, she was inundated with super talented writing. Wow, there are a lot of authors-in-waiting out there… So, without further ado, here are the results. Lots of fantastic book prizes are winging their way towards you guys – WELL DONE! And keep an eye out for the latest Moontrug writing competitions.


Shaping a forest winner: Hadar Ben Zvi (aged 10)
Shaping a forest runner up: Alisha Davies-Johnson (aged 10)

Shaping seas winner: Avinandan Sengupta (aged 10)
Shaping seas runner up: Iona Mandal (aged 8)


Shaping a forest
by Hadar Ben Zvi (aged 10)

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Trees whispered words unknown to man, while the wind hissed and whistled through the crackling, dry leaves being scampered on by the forest inhabitants. The sun pushed her rays to try and penetrate the seemingly invincible shield that the immense branches were creating, but still, no light got through. The hostile bloodthirsty creatures lurking on the ground were, indeed, not welcoming things at all; for every mouse, squirrel, bunny, dove and deer was captured, killed and eaten. Nothing and no one was safe. Dark and wicked, the atmosphere inside the trapped biome continued to make the forest look ill. It destroyed anything bright in its midst and slowly any source of light perished, and so did the soul of the forest.

Forest of Dragons
by Alisha Davies-Johnson (aged 10)

It was a light starry night and the forest was a night green world of trees. In the middle of it all, there was a field of grass and black scorch marks. The field had been scorched… the history of the Vikings and warriors emanated throughout and now it was going to throw the Modern Generation.

A gust of wind came out of nowhere and along with it thousands of dragons. Red, green, black, brown and blue, the black midnights scorch was washed away by the shadows of dark green dragons making their twig nest in the midnight levels of the forest.

The red dragons rested by the burning amber of the fire; the blue dragons danced and played in the dark shadow of the beautiful midnight sky; the brown earth dragons slept on the muddy ground, the babies playing in the brown mud annoying the older dragons. The black dragons camouflaged in the now twilight sky of the shiny stars.

As the stars twinkled a new dragon was born, a dragon of gold burning sun stars… this dragon had the golden claws of an eagle and the wisdom of an owl.


Shaping Seas
Avinandan Sengupta (aged 10)

I am unpredictable, ever changing. One minute I am calm, the next I have started pummelling the cliffs that prevent me forging deeper inland. I feel the touch of the boats that skim over me, oblivious of the deaths that I can cause just because I have had a bad day. On a rainy day, I feel the call of the water falling from the sky, urging me to explore my new reaches, drowning all who stand in my way. I lust for more power, ever seeking to increase my empire. I reach out with my fingers into the land but they are ‘polluted’ by the fresh water that flows out of the rivers. I seem to be stuck in a stalemate, but I will always find a way to escape. For I am the sea, vastly superior to those puny little streams.


Shaping Seas
Iona Mandal (aged 8 years)


I drifted away to a faraway land, surrounded by the sea. The sea – enveloping the world, much travelled and explored. Moderating the earth’s climate; getting polluted every second. Miles of endless, open blue skies sweeping above the sea – its waters heaving way around the world. Waves as high as mountains; as low as the abyss. Rapid as jet planes, yet, slowing down at times like a tortoise. Moving every second; never silenced. Rolling in crescendo and back down again. The rhythm of the sea calming my soul. The golden, grainy sand washing its shore – dotted with sea shells, driftwood, rotten fish and broken sandcastles. I plunged into the inviting waters. Frothy, placid and soothing. A whole new magical underworld greeted me teeming with abundant marine life – corals, jellyfish, starfish and sea-urchins. Fishes in all hues added a glow. Seahorses danced like fairies among mossy seaweeds. A turtle flapped its flippers and swam past. A cold-eyed shark with razor-sharp teeth drifted into the darkness! Scared, I jumped onto a friendly, dolphin’s back. Whooshing around, it carried me across the turquoise waters. The salty brine sprayed into my eyes and nose – curing my cold from last Saturday. I landed on a quiet cove. In the distance, I could hear the sound of children laughing and seabirds chirping. It left me asking for more.