A little moment of wonderfulness…

Tummy flip moments are awesome and they can occur in various situations, like when:

  • you go over a big bump in a car and you’re not expecting it
  • a roller coaster hurls you upside down
  • you realise you are in South Kensington and have £5 in your pocket which means you can buy a whole box of Ben’s Cookies
  • you leapfrog over something unexpectedly high
  • you discover an extra present at the bottom of your stocking that you hadn’t seen initially

Yesterday, Moontrug experienced a very special type of tummy flip – a double whammy. Because… the proof copies of her book, The Dreamsnatcher, arrived! The actual cover will be revealed on Moontrug this Friday. I don’t want to give too much away but, um, there maaaaaaaay be gold foil and a catapult involved. In the meantime, here are Moll and Gryff in all their gloriousness – thanks to the wonderful team at Simon & Schuster. Watch out for the book itself in bookshops from 26th February, 2015 (for 9+ years). WHOOP WHOOP.

Dreamsnatcher proof

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