A wowzer-snuggle of picture books from Little Tiger Press…

Moontrug is a BIG fan of collective nouns. Among her favourites are: a grumble of pugs, a smack of jellyfish, a knot of toads and an unkindness of ravens. Naughty ravens. Recently though, Moontrug has coined another collective noun – for the array of stunningly gorgeous picture books on her desk: a ‘wowzer-snuggle’ of picture books (thanks to the Book Sniffing Pug for help in coining that). Up first is Tracey Corderoy and Tim Warnes’ Why – because ‘why’ opens up a whole world of possibilities: Why don’t aeroplanes fall out of the sky? Why do waves roll? Why do lambs skip? Just the kind of questions Archie puzzles over in this gorgeous picture book.


Archie is a rhino with a lot of questions: Why is milk splashy? Why are there so many bubbles when you wash up? Why do dropped things go smash? Why is mud so sticky? And through a series of beautifully illustrated pages (think a rhino with a bubble beard and a tiger teddy eating jam on toast), Archie tries to make sense of the world. His questions are the type of ones that rumble inside young children’s minds and Moontrug loved that Archie’s imagination was left to go WILD in the museum. Why is a delightful picture book, perfect for curious kids – and packed full of awesome animals: a bespectacled chicken, a string of obedient mice and a studious-looking antelope…


Next up on Moontrug’s picture book raid is Alison Brown’s Mighty Mo – cue an adorable racoon undergoing an identity crisis. At Golden Dodo zoo, rhinos skate on ice, hippos serve ice creams and gorillas bake scrumptious cakes. But little Mo is unsure what makes him special. Surely there must be something that makes him great? But when Mo tries his hand at making icecreams (soooooo want a Triple Whippy right now by the way), things go terribly wrong. Balloon-blowing doesn’t go much better and before long Mo is truly miserable. But when Big Ron makes off with the golden dodo, Mo comes into his own. This is a lovely picture book with beautiful illustrations and a very real message: everyone has something ‘mighty’ about them.


Last in the wowzer-snuggle of picture books is Sue Mongredien and Nick East’s Harry and the Monster. Having grown up in a farmhouse in the Scottish highlands with two brothers who invented stories of a spindly-fingered witch called ‘Cackly’ living in the attic, Moontrug was no stranger to nightmares as a child. And it turns out poor Harry doesn’t like night-times much either. But when his mother tells him to imagine the monster with pink pants on its head, Harry is hopeful the monster in his nightmares might not be quite as scary… But this purple-haired, snaggle-toothed, green-eared monster is NOT impressed when Harry hurls a pair of flowery knickers onto his head – and he frightens Harry even more. When Harry’s Dad tries to suggest imagining the monster stuck in jelly, Harry gives it a shot. But this only makes things worse. Maybe – just maybe – a cross mummy can sort the monster out once and for all… This is a fantastic picture book – and the gloriously colourful monster will stay in kids’ dreams long after they finish the last page – not as some bone-munching beast but as a friend in the darkness who will take children on adventures through snow-capped mountains on starry nights…

A BIG thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending Moontrug such a delightful wowzer-snuggle of picture books.


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