Back off, Mummy… David Walliams and his Demon Dentist

David Walliams has been busy.  In six years, he’s churned out six best-selling children’s books: The Boy in the Dress, Mr Stink, Billionaire Boy, Gangsta Granny, Ratburger – and now, Demon Dentist.  Small wonder he’s been likened to his all-time hero, Roald Dahl.  His characters are as memorable and his plots are just as brilliantly dreamt up.  And his latest book, Demon Dentist, is no exception.


Alfie is a twelve-year-old boy with rotten teeth who has refused to visit the dentist ever since the day Mr Erstwhile used a particularly strong piece of dental floss and a very rotund dental nurse, Mrs Prig, to yank one of his precious teeth out.  But when Alfie is forced to visit the new dentist, Mrs Root (who likes to be known as ‘Mummy’), he discovers something sinister is going on.  Children all over the town are waking up to find glistening eyeballs, dead slugs, live spiders and earwigs lurking under their pillows – and Alfie is pretty sure the new Mrs Root has something to do with it. The book is packed full of action, including one of the best chase scenes moontrug has ever read which lasts 47 pages…


… and involves:

  • A bottom-burping social worker
  • An impro-loving Drama teacher
  • A fantastically average headmaster
  • A knicker-flashing Science teacher
  • A chubby-legged dinner lady
  • A rake-brandishing caretaker
  • A zimmer-clutching secretary
  • A ready-salted obsessed policeman

And Walliams’ characters are as brilliant as some of Roald Dahl’s best.  There’s PC Plank, a fabulously lazy policeman who prefers arresting octogenarians for stealing Scotch Eggs rather than fighting dental crime (too busy using special evidence bags for jam sandwiches…)

PlankAnd there’s a villain so gross, so scary, so ghastly, so evil, so vile that Miss Trunchbull looks like a fairy godmother in comparison… Meet Mrs Root, the Demon Dentist, and her malicious white cat, Fang.


And of course there’s Texting Boy who spends all of his time – well – texting.

Texting Boy

The illustrations, by Tony Ross, are as absorbing as Quentin Blake’s and moontrug particularly liked the ones on pages 352-3.  He he he.  Oh, and this one:

AlfieJust yesterday moontrug saw a boy reading Demon Dentist on a bus.  He was laughing so hard the bus driver had to tell him to ‘zip it or hop it’.  It’ll be a while before Walliams gets us giggling with his next book but he’s left moontruggers something to be getting on with in the meantime:


So get scribbling, truggers – let’s see your villains come to life!

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