Cover reveal: THE WILD BEYOND by Piers Torday

Moontrug is a BIG Piers Torday fan and when she’s not arm-wrestling him, she’s devouring his incredible books – both The Last Wild and The Dark Wild were among her absolute favourite reads last year.


In his Wild series Torday has given children something very, very special: brilliant characters (particular shout out to wolf cub and the white pigeon), fast-paced plots, sinister villains and a truly magical sense of adventure. Small wonder then that The Dark Wild won The 2014 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize… But to top all of that, Torday has got a stormer of an illustrator (Thomas Flintham) onto his book covers. And the very latest one, the cover for the last book in his trilogy, The Wild Beyond, is COMPLETELY STUNNING. So, without further ado, here it is… And watch out as it hits bookshelves on 2nd April!



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