Inspired by posing unicorns & arrogant owls

Turns out Kenneth the Unicorn and Brian the Owl are a bit of a hit – amongst moontrug fans anyway.  So here are a few more of their friends to keep you smiling – as well as Moontrug’s Top 5 round up of the best child-animal bonds in children’s books today…


Chucklestation 1


“Look, Sybil, we’ve warned you about this.  However cute you think Snowy is, you can’t pretend you laid him.  There are fundamental differences between you both.”

Chucklestation 2


“Do you think they’ve noticed us, Dad?”  “Shut up and keep shuffling.”

Chucklestation 3

Black Beauty

“I’m sorry, Paul, but I still think Black Beauty was faster.”

Chucklestation 4


“You’re not dying, Cyril.  You’ve just eaten a dodgy nut.”

Chucklestation 5

Killer whale

“It’s no good trying to hide from me, Ethel.  I saw you freaking out the dolphins.  And that’s got to stop – they’re family.”  Ethel grunted then slipped below the surface.

Chucklestation 6

Tiny Cow

Hector was so excited about milking day.  The farmer didn’t have the heart to tell him that it wasn’t going to happen.

Chucklestation 7


 Bruce was done with the bedroom.  There was the kitchen still to go.  That would teach them for asking him to go fetch stupid bits of wood.

Moontrug’s Top 5 Animal-Child Bond Books 

1. Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

9780060728250_custom-babd64a925ca0ad170ae94a9a1ae5cf5c31b873f-s6-c30Wolf Brother carries you back thousands of years to the ancient darkness of the forest: to a world steeped in natural magic and elemental terror, a world in which trusting a friend means risking your life.  An outcast from the Clans, Torak must battle his way past the terrifying Soul Eaters and their demon bear – with only a young wolf cub by his side.  Click here to buy it on amazon.


2. Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

lights‘Without this child, we shall all die’. Lyra Belacqua and her animal daemon live half-wild and carefree among scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. The destiny that awaits her will take her to the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. Her extraordinary journey will have immeasurable consequences far beyond her own world…  Click here to buy on amazon.


3. The Last Wild by Piers Torday

The Last WildThis is the story of a boy named Kester.  His is extraordinary, but he doesn’t know that yet.  All he knows, at this very moment, is this: There is a flock of excited pigeons in his bedroom.  They are talking to him.  His life will never be quite the same again. Click here to buy on amazon.



4. Flood Child by Emily Diamand

floodFlooded England, 2216… England has changed for ever: much of it is under water.  Worse, bloodthirsty reavers prowl the shores, and when they kidnap the Prime Minister’s daughter it looks like war.  But out of this drowning world comes Lilly Melkun, a girl determined to put things right, with the help of a seacat and a reaver boy… and an extraordinary treasure from the past, with the power to change the future… Click here to buy it on amazon.


5. War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

War_HorseIn 1914, Joey, a young farm horse, is sold to the army and thrust into the midst of the war on the Western Front. With his officer, he charges towards the enemy, witnessing the horror of the frontline. But even in the desolation of the trenches, Joey’s courage touches the soldiers around him. Click here to buy it on amazon.


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