Introducing 6-year-old author, Morgan Damiba. BOOM.

You know those days you stumble across something really special? Like a four-leafed clover or the coin in the middle of the Christmas pudding? Well, Moontrug has stumbled across something seriously cool. And that ball of coolness comes in the form of Morgan Damiba, a 6-year-old Moontrugger with attitude. Having already written a ten chapter book about her baby sister, Cheeky Baby, Morgan has now written a short story for Moontrug’s homepage. And here it is. So watch this space – Morgan Damiba is a name you’re gonna hear about in years to come. Mark my Moontruggy words.

The Magic Moment

girl by window

Claudia stared out of the window; it was sprinkled with rain. Her only ragged doll was safe in the old, brown rocking chair behind her.  Claudia looked at her pale reflection, so white because her malevolent stepmother had taken over the house and forbidden her to ever go outside.


The rain thickened into snow and an ice-bird met Claudia’s face. It said, “Step from the room, through the glass. We need you, Claudia, we were looking for you since the earth started, you will give us great help if you accept to do it. I used to be a sun bird but because Frost, (the evil bat) made it always winter and vowed for the rest of his living that it would be cold, that is why I am frozen. Some of the creatures of the forest have survived but the ice has killed many.”


The minute Claudia touched the clear glass she fell through it. The snow followed her while she fell. She landed feet first onto the concrete city floor and looked at her living town up close for the first time. Claudia’s eyes looked as if they would POP OUT.  Everybody paced and glanced at the girl who had been locked up for a long time. The sounds of her footsteps were as quiet as the sound of ladybird’s footsteps.


Claudia spotted an old man and behind him was a sealed door. Gingerly, Claudia opened the door and found a still world with only a few weak creatures lying on a tree dripping with snow. The icicles were clinging to the tree, it reminded Claudia of how she used to hold her only ragged doll but that was the past now she was in a forbidden world ruled by ice.  And tucked into the snowy undergrowth Claudia could just see an unpleasant shadow… FROST.


Whimpering on the snowiest branch was a fairy queen and her name was Phillippa Sugar-pawn the famous, she was famous! She turned to Claudia and sniffed, “Go to the sea spirits, they will know you since you are our Heroine and they will hopefully hand over the Water-Pearl. Butter will take you.”


Claudia saw a huge black butterfly float down towards her. She leapt up onto Butter’s back and they flew towards the sea at the end of the world. The ice clouds were all around them and beneath them the sea stretched out like a giant rubber band.  On the breaking waves Claudia saw 27,999 fairies riding on flying salmon.

sea fish

“Take this Water-Pearl,” the sea spirits said.  Their voices sounded like a drawn out groan.


Claudia obediently took the Water-Pearl and Butter flew her back into the forest. Claudia laid the pearl in the middle of the clearing and then seconds later Frost crept up to it and ate it, thinking it was a fairy. All of a sudden, he dissolved into thin air.  And then bit by bit, the forest started to come alive. The sun was melting the ice and the little creatures began to cheer and flutter amongst the beautiful flowers. Claudia realised that it was her time to go so she closed her eyes but instead her ragged doll appeared on her shoulder and said, “Let’s join the party!!”

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