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So, there are some exciting changes going on. Moontrug maaaaaay have mentioned that her debut children’s book, THE DREAMSNATCHER, is being published by Simon & Schuster on 26th February… And with that in mind, she’s set up a snazzy new website. For anything to do with Abi and her writing, check out (and for general book reviews and interviews with other authors, keep with For now though, here’s a little sneak peek at what’s going on over at Abi’s author website:

  • The trailer for The Dreamsnatcher has just been released
  • You can read an extract from the book
  • You can find out all about Abi, listen to her writing playlist and watch her speak about The Dreamsnatcher
  • You can get to know the characters in the book and read about their favourite gypsy recipes
  • You can download activities and resources on every chapter of The Dreamsnatcher
  • You can follow Abi’s blog for the latest on her book research adventures
  • You can come on a Dreamsnatcher expedition!
  • You can pre-order the book here

Dreamsnatcher full cover spread

One thought on “New author website:

  1. izzy

    Hi guys dreamsnatcher is a really good book and I recommend it! Abi Elphinstone came to my school and I met her! Amazing hey!


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