Oh, the cleverness of kids…

Since the announcement back in March, Moontrug has been feeling very chuffed about her book deal. And then along come Truggers entering Moontrug’s writing competitions with entries so brilliant she wonders whether these kids should have been awarded book deals instead of her… Moontrug launched a range of competitions this Autumn, from dreaming up dragons to inventing words and recipes, from shaping seas to creating detectives. And so without further ado, here are the winners – the authors in the making…



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The winner of Moontrug’s Dream up a Dragon competition is 10-year-old Jessica Fonka – with her stunning drawing below.


And here is Jessica’s sentence describing her dragon: ‘It was like nothing they’d ever seen before: the gold steel on its chest, the ball and chain on its tail, the fear anchored to its appearance.’



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This STUNNING entry by 8-year-old Iona Mandal was a hands-down winner – an ingenious recipe, complete with a fabulous illustration. Imagination doesn’t get much better than this! WELL DONE, Iona.

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NAME- Troplanimal
DESCRIPTION- A delicacy in the island of Mangaland. Tropical food prepared using species from the natural world; both plants and animals. Hence, the name Tro- plan-imal.

Served as a starter as a part of the family meal. Cooked by the light of the moon, on an open fire on the soft sands of the beach washed by the waves of the Titanic Ocean. Eaten by the islanders for dinner on every full-moon light. Cooked by the head of the family who is the chief chef. Assisted by family members. The delicacy is enjoyed by the young and old alike. It is customary for the head of the family to be served the first portion as a sign of respect. The food needs to be finished in exactly an hour’s time. After the meal all members shake hands as a sign of enjoyment and contentment. All products used in its preparation are natural and organic. Preparation time: 1 hr 50 minutes. Start sharp at 10.10 p.m. and end by midnight. Cooking time: 1 hour. 12 midnight to 1 a.m.


Frangipani barks
Sugarcane juice
Butterfly wings
Ant eggs
Pineapple slices
Macadamia nuts


Build a fire with embers.
Scrape off the bark of the frangipani tree.
Drizzle generously with freshly squeezed sugarcane juice.
Spread butterfly wings and ant eggs on it.
Grill for 30 minutes
Remove from heat and let it cool.
Dress with freshly cut pineapple slices
Toast and grate macadamia nuts to sprinkle generously
Plate up and serve hot by carving out pieces



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The winners of the Shaping Seas competition are: Shannon Dixon (aged 11) and Novalee Platts (aged 11). Well done both of you for two FANTASTIC descriptions!

Peaceful. Serene. The crystal waves wrestled onto the golden sand. The sunset created a puddle of colour, turning the sea into a pool of paint. The fish danced like branches in the wind. Waves lapped against the crumbling cliffs and chipped away the cream-coloured rock. I wish I could stay forever. Some may call it the Pacific sea, but I call it the sea of tranquillity.
By Shannon Dixon, aged 11

Waves crashing and storms raging, the rocky island in the centre of the open sea was repeatedly being battered by the unbeatable waves. The sea was full of sea creatures that lurked at the bottom of the murky water. The storm was as loud as a lion and went on for what seemed as long as time itself. The waves were lively and exotic, above them were the clouds; white and fluffy. The waves were moving in on the golden sand upon the beach. Finally, after what had seemed like forever, the waves settled and the storm passed by. Then, the true picture of the coast shone and revealed the most beautiful picture of all.
By Novalee Platts, aged 11



Sherlock Holmes 150x150 competitions

Moontrug was bowled over by this entry from 11-year-old Charvi Jain – a strong first place and the makings of an author right here… Well done, Charvi!

Detective Hudson

I am the one. Everybody looks up to me. Stella Clarissa Hudson, that’s my full name, though they call me Detective Hudson. I work single now, and always will, for I am faster, swifter, and hugely smarter on my own. I don’t have pets, and I don’t watch TV or read magazines. They are distractions, they are intended to decoy me, but I don’t fall in, I stay straight, and I stay smart. I live in a small room. White walls, no posters, metal bed, cheap mattress, no computer, grey carpet. These kinds of places are the ones I work best in. I am Detective Hudson, and I stay strong, stay focused. I solved the mystery that led to Amee’s murder, and what a bloody death she had. Last year, Mrs Brown lost his poodle, and I figured that poodle had been forced to drown. They rescued the mangled remains and buried it. Mrs Brown cried for days on end, but I had done my duties, and within the time span of sixteen hours. I’ve been working for years, and now I know that I can do it, any mystery, any problem. Solving these gives me joy, my life purpose and I will stay focused, because I am Detective Hudson, and this is just how I am.


Keep an eye on Moontrug’s latest competitions here: http://moontrug.com/competitions/ 

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