Prankometers and waterbombs with Sharky & George…

According to a British newspaper, we spend 26 years of our life asleep, 6 months queuing and 653 hours waiting for trains. Gulp. Those numbers made Moontrug’s brain go a bit scrambly so she set off in search of the VERY BEST activities out there for kids, ones that smash sleeping, queuing and waiting into little pieces of irrelevance. It took some time, but Moontrug found just the activities she was looking for – and guess what? They’re all gloriously stored up in one book. Cue Don’t You Dare by children’s party organisers extraordinaire: Sharky & George.


Don’t You Dare is a treasure trove of amazing activities. Forget iPhones, Angry Birds and computer games. This is the real deal – the games, pranks and activities we’ve all been waiting for but haven’t known where to find. Sharky & George get you charging around with games like Bog Flush It (did you know the average person spends 3 years of their life on the bog – and King George II died falling off a bog in 1760 – thankfully there’s no bathrooms involved in this game though, despite the name), Bombers and Fighters, Fill Your Pants and Hippo Hot Potato.

Hippo game

They revive old classics with a Sharky & George twist – think 40:40 (with Foxy Guards) and Sardines (or the reversed version Senidras) – and they give you top tips for stone skimming, sandcastle-making (to beat the world record of 19 metres on Fiesta Island, San Diego) and Rock Pool Top Trumps (25 points for a starfish, 100 points for sea horse, by the way).

san diego

And there are games for those who don’t fancy rampaging through fields or crashing through waves. Sharky & George disclose tips on making flick books, getting involved in Photo-trick-ography, Folding Frenzies (everything from pillows to pancakes, flat fish to puff pastry). The book just is brimming with fun, adventure and humour. There’s a Prankometer (which reveals the likely expression of your victim and handy escape measures), a whole page of awesome stickers, an upside down secret chapter and the personal touch – signatures from Sharky & George themselves.


So who are Sharky & George? Two Lost Boys who haven’t found their way back to Neverland? Just William’s long lost cousins? Thankfully they’ve given us all the necessary background in at the start of their book: Sharky’s most mischievous prank is the String Theory (done successfully on George apparently) and George’s most mischievous prank if the Funnel and Coin (done successfully on his Dad – see below). BRILLIANT. Also good to know that Sharky has achieved a world record. For what, you ask? The fastest 100metres dressed as a pantomime horse. Take that Usain Bolt! And when the duo are not Wave Hurdling, Seaweed Trailing or Butt Darting (involves a coin and a mug…), Sharky likes reading Swallows and Amazons and George is partial to a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So switch off your TV, shut down your computer, and get involved with Sharky and George – their games are so much FUN that Don’t You Dare has made it up onto Moontrug’s Altocumulus Tower. 


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