Who’s been munching the moon?

When I was little I assumed 30-year-olds spent their days reading the Financial Times, discussing stamp duty and dreaming of good pensions. So it has come as a bit of surprise that next month I’m turning 30 and I’m spending my days reading children’s books, discussing tree spirits and dreaming of riding snow leopards. But it turns out that kind of lifestyle suits me pretty well and it comes with extra cool bonuses – like the fact that wonderful publishers like Walker Books send me UBER beautiful picture books to review. Cue Petr Horacek’s stunning new book (and SO appropriately Moontrug-themed): The Mouse Who Ate The Moon.


Following the success of his other picture books, like the award-winning Suzy Goose and A New House For Mouse, Petr Horacek is back with another gorgeous classic. When Little Mouse wakes up one morning, she finds her dream has come true. Outside her burrow, a piece of the moon has fallen from the sky and it smells delicious. But what happens once Little Mouse has had a little nibble? Horacek’s peep-through story book is a little treasure, full of brilliantly bold yellows, blues and greens, an adorable little mouse and a magical-looking forest. Each turn of the page draws you deeper into the mouse’s world of wonder – where pieces of the moon do just drop from the sky.


The illustrations are gorgeous (Moontrug especially loved the rabbit and the fact that little mouse wears super cool stripy socks) and Horacek perfectly captures the sense of wonder children feel when looking at something as extraordinary as the moon: ‘The moon is beautiful…I would love to have a piece all of my own’ – good point, who wouldn’t? The book’s imaginative scope is HUGE and each page is full of possibility, posing big ‘what if’ questions that swim through children’s minds: ‘I’ll just have a tiny nibble… Oh no! Now the moon won’t be round any more’. Moontrug loved the fact that little mouse was a bit greedy: ‘So she took a tiny bite, and another, and another, and just a tiny bit more…’ – although Moontrug has never munched the moon, she’s munched her way through tons of delicious Ben’s Cookies so she sympathises with little mouse’s unstoppable appetite.


Little Mouse’s sense panic at having eaten the moon: ‘Nobody can eat the moon,’ said Rabbit. ‘Well, I just did,’ said Little Mouse’ so perfectly captures the way children often think and the peep-through element of the book is adorably cute – and works so well with the ‘moon’ theme. The Mouse Who Ate the Moon is a little gem of a picture book – and once which will be an eternal reminder to Moontrug that it’s not only she who dreams of munching the moon.

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