Winner of the 7-9 years Moonbug Story Writing award…

Moontrug is delighted to announce the winner of the 7-9 years Moonbug Story Writing Award…  For a story full of magic and brimming with wonderful names (Pinecone Path and Leafy Lane), delicious foods (love that you managed to squeeze pizza into a fairy gathering!) and beautiful similes (Mr Short put up the fairy lights and they sparkled like jewels), the first prize goes to PHILIPPA BELL!  A very big moontruggy congratulations and you will receive a £20 Waterstone’s card in the post this week. In the meantime, here is Philippa’s story in full:


The Dragonfly Party by Philippa Bell (age 7)

Once upon a time there was a village called Treetop village and its streets were named Leafy Lane and Pinecone Path. Every year dragonflies, fairies, butterflies, lady bugs and caterpillars gathered to celebrate a Halloween party. And every October they started getting things ready for the party.

creating setting tree

First the ladybugs started making the food. An old ladybug named Mrs. Spot made a trifle called sweet trifle and it was made from cream, white chocolate, strawberries, sponge fingers, sugar, milk and butter. Mrs Spotty helped her make it because it was so big and other lady bug called Mrs. Bug made scones and cream and also a large pot of jam.
Fairy pippa

Then the caterpillars got the lights ready for the dancing and singing. Mr Long and Mr Short put up the fairy lights and they sparkled like jewels. The moonbeams trembled while the fairies sewed, stitched and knitted beautiful costumes for the fairy children. The butterflies made the most beautiful and magical decorations you’ve ever ever seen and they stitched beautiful flowery bunting. The children at Pine Cone Primary School were doing a school play called Tillie’s Halloween, about Halloween and trick or treating. They practised while the fairies sewed and knitted their pretty costumes. A fairy called Rosey was Tillie and some other people pretended to be other characters.

fairy music

Finally the Halloween party was prepared! The moon glistened as the dragonflies, fairies, caterpillars, butterflies and lady bugs made their way to the party. First they played games like musical statues, pass the parcel and musical bumps. A little girl named Poppy was a flower fairy and she got a prize for winning mystical statues – and a boy named Doe, who was a ladybug, won a yo-yo from the parcel in pass the parcel. An old woman that was a butterfly won musical bumps.


Then it was time for the school play which was brilliant because no one forget their lines or made a mistake. At the end of the played everyone cheered and clapped noisily. Finally it was time for tea: scones, cake, jam, cream, homemade sweets, pizza, trifle, chicken and sandwiches. Everyone tucked into the yummy food greedily.  In fact they loved the food so much that by the end of the party it was all finished and there was not a single crumb left. Every one left with a party bag and inside there was a chocolate, a yoyo, teddy, a carton of juice and some bubble mixture. Everyone said bye bye and went home to bed because they were very tired.


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