writing games


Some of moontrug’s favourite activities are…


– going up the ‘down’ escalators
– screaming back at thunder claps
– spying on people
– riding bikes with no hands
– eating Ben’s Cookies or munching pizza with tomato ketchup
– doing star-jumps in inappropriate places
– slipping behind waterfalls
– climbing trees
– riding horses bareback
– building dens in secret locations
– chasing unicorns


… but when it’s not possible to do those things, moontrug often gets involved in these sorts of things. 10 Top Writing Games. Teachers, why not use them to spark up your English lessons; kids, you may find they help you along your journey to INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING AUTHOR. Boom.


1. Take A Word For A Walk

2. ‘I am watching you’. Use music to inspire a creepy story (scroll down this link)

3. ‘Is that an arm bone?’ Use unusual objects to spark a story (scroll further down this link)

4. Write the magical moment of stepping into another world

5. Write a story in one sentence

6. Practise SLIP (starting sentences, length of sentences, imagery, punctuation, POW words)

7. Write incredible opening lines (scroll down this link)

8. Play Ex Libris to get thinking about the first and last lines of famous books

9. Get Story Hunting with Moontrug’s top tips

10. Stretch your imagination by creating A Magic Box of your own

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